Art @Work: Dilated Pupils – An Exhibition of contemporary psychedelic art!

Dilated Pupils – An exhibition of Ink & Graphite Illustrations from multidisciplinary surrealist artist Luke Gray.

The exhibition explores the psychedelic state and draws visual influences from far east indigenous cultures he encountered on his 7 years of travelling.

Born color blind he was forced to use an almost exclusively black and white palette, working with patterns and textures rather than color. After visiting over 50 countries he became influenced by a wide range of multicultural art styles and traditional mediums combining and integrating techniques and patterns from different cultures and religions into his work. An amateur ethnologist, when travelling he often visits indiginous tribes, spending time to live with them and learn from them, taking meticulous notes on their textile patterns, tattoo markings and sacred symbols.

His meticulous works will be on display 16th April – 16th May